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Truth or Dare with Spin the Bottle for Teens app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6192 ratings )
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Developer: Mangobird Inc.
Current version: 5.9.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Dec 2014
App size: 42.24 Mb

Challenge your friends and family with Truth or Dare! Kid and teen friendly!

Truth or Dare is a classic party game which involves either answering a question or doing a dare - usually something fun, silly, or wild! With this simple game, watch how quickly you start to have so much FUN!

Spin the bottle and challenge your friends, significant other, classmates, coworkers, dates, bar buddies, at home, in the car.. you can play anywhere and anytime you want!

BEST Truth or Dare app in the App Store

* Hundreds of truths & dares questions
* Customize the game with your own funny truth and dares!
* Play with friends of different orientations including straight, gay, and bi
* Take pictures and capture the best moments with built-in camera
* Get competitive and keep score as you play
* Turn on advanced text-to-speech feature which automatically speaks the dares
* Deeply customizable so you can play exactly how you want to
* FREE for everyone!

There are so many ways you can play this classic party game :
- Break the ice with new friends
- Challenge your friends and family at the next slumber party, birthday party, or get together!
- Perfect for holidays like New Years Eve and New Years Day

Looking for something dirty?
Download Truth or Dare by Mangobird, which supports both clean and dirty truth or dare questions.

Dare to enter?

Latest reviews of Truth or Dare with Spin the Bottle for Teens app for iPhone and iPad

Looooooved it
The game is so well done and Is so much fun to play
I loveee this app
I agree this is the best sleepover app. Its so good for kids like me! Download this game trust me its soooooooooooo good
I gave it 2 stars because I had to change ALL the truths!Like the driving one
Should be able to get challenges from the web
Give it 100,000,000 ⭐️if I could
This app is great for people who dont like inerproperiate things like sex. Everyone should have this app.
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